Announcement: Updated World Wide Web section

John Kirriemuir <> Tue, 09 August 1994 12:37 UTC

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(This message cross-posted to several lists)

Announcing that version 1.3 of the World Wide Web section for
the Department of Information Studies at the University of Sheffield
is now online.

This is basically the same as version 1.2, but:
(1) The mistakes that were spotted to date have been fixed!
(2) More links have been added to the information resources
and searching the internet sections
(3) The pages on internet tools have been expanded in detail
(4) More pages with students own research and other details have been
(5) Details of how to contact the department and members of staff
within it for collaborative research etc have been expanded (and

If you haven't yet looked, the web pages contain such things as:
*  Details and a brief history of the department
*  Links to internet resources that people in the areas of library
and information science, information management and computational
chemistry may find useful
*  Details of the postgrad and undergrad courses in librarianship,
information management and health information management
*  Details of the current research in the department
*  An introductory section on searching the internet/web, with
lots of links to search engines, maps etc
*  Pages on some individual internet tools eg Gopher and Veronica,
and a few links to good working examples
*  A list of papers, articles, reviews etc in the LIS area that have
been produced by the department over the last few years

Our URL is:

The pages are mounted remotely on a mac SE30 - this has relatively
few lines in, so if a web page doesn't load, it's probably due to too
many people simultaneously trying to access it - in which case,
please try later!

Comments, critiques, and suggestions for further development/other
relevant web/internet links are all very appreciated.

John Kirriemuir,
Department of Information Studies (a grade 5 department)
University of Sheffield, Sheffield.
Phone: +44 (0)742 825093
Fax:   +44 (0)742 780300