Willow Information Retrieval Software

Matthew Freedman <mattf@cac.washington.edu> Wed, 13 April 1994 21:14 UTC

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       Willow Software Release
       April 13, 1994

The University of Washington is pleased to announce the availability of
Willow -- the Washington Information Looker-upper Layered Over Windows.
Willow is a general purpose information retrieval tool. It provides a
single, easy-to-use graphical user interface (X-Windows/Motif) to any
number of text-based bibliographic databases. It is fully compatible with
WWW/Mosaic and the Z39.50 database access protocol. Willow is a
cooperative project of University of Washington Computing & Communications
and the UW Libraries, with contributions by the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. Willow is available free of charge, but is copyrighted. 

In addition to the source code, pre-compiled binaries are available
for DEC/Ultrix, Sun/Solaris, IBM RS6000/AIX, and DEC/vax-bsd. 

There is a WWW/Mosaic home page which fully documents Willow, with
color screen-shots of the interface, live demos, a technical
description of the architecture, and more. It can be reached at the
following URL:

The Willow distribution can be found via ftp on
ftp.cac.washington.edu, in the willow directory. You can find a
Postscript version of the documentation as Tech-Report.ps.

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