new topical Internet guides available

Lou Rosenfeld <> Sat, 18 December 1993 20:37 UTC

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(apologies for cross-posting duplication)

I'm pleased to announce the availability of eleven new subject-specific
guides to the Internet.  These guides were created between September and
December of this year by students enrolled in the course "Internet: Resource
Discovery and Organization" at the University of Michigan School of
Information and Library Studies, taught by Prof. Joe Janes and myself. 
Students were instructed in Internet tool usage and resource discovery
approaches with the goal of creating ASCII text guides identifying and
evaluating the quality of the resources in specific subject areas.  Some
of these guides will be available as HTML documents as well.

Titles and authors of these guides follow:

* Aerospace Engineering: A Guide to Internet Resources
    Chris Poterala  Dave Dalquist 

* Archives on the Internet (available 12/28)	
    Nika Kayne  Denise Anthony 

* Internet Guide to Book Discussions and Book Reviews
    Shannon Allen  Gretchen Krug 

* Government Sources of Business and Economic Information
    Kim Tsang  Terese Austin 

* A Guide to Environmental Resources on the Internet
    Toni Murphy  Carol Briggs-Erickson 
* Film and Video Resources on the Internet
    Lisa Wood  Kristen Garlock 

* Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide
    Sheryl Cormicle  Steve Bonario

* Personal Finance Resources on the Internet
    Abbot Chambers  Catherine Kummer 

* Internet Guide to Popular Music
    Rolaant MacKenzie  Vicki Coleman 

* Guide to Theater Resources on the Internet
    Deborah Torres  Martha Vander Kolk 

* US Technology Public Policy
    Steve Kirk  David Blair

Unless otherwise mentioned, these guides are now available from the
Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides.  Jointly
sponsored by the University Library and the School of Information and
Library Studies at the University of Michigan, the Clearinghouse provides
access to subject-oriented resource guides created by members of the
Internet community.  There are currently over 60 guides available via
anonymous FTP, Gopher, and WorldWideWeb/Mosaic.  Information on accessing
the Clearinghouse follows: 

anonymous FTP:
            path:  /inetdirsstacks

            menu:  What's New and Featured Resources=>Clearinghouse...

Gopher .link file:
 Name=Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides (UMich)

Uniform Resource Locators (URL):

There is also descriptive information available about these projects
available from the Clearinghouse.  Other questions, suggestions, and
comments regarding this course and the Clearinghouse are welcome. 

Louis Rosenfeld                                    
School of Information and Library Studies
University of Michigan
403B West Engineering                                 voice (313) 747-3581
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1092                               fax (313) 764-2475