commercial Internet access providers?

Nicky Ferguson <> Mon, 28 February 1994 16:49 UTC

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Subject: commercial Internet access providers?
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> Hi,
> can anybody help me in finding a list of European commercial Internet
> access providers?
> I am preparing a presentation for an Internet based distributed system
> related to remote sensing data. One of the first questions from users is
> the possibility to have temporary, dial-up access to the network via PPP or
> SLIP from stand-alone personals or workstations. 
> Thanks,

For the UK :

Commercial Internet Providers

Demon Internet Systems
Phone 081 349 0063
Registration Fee 12.50
Monthly subscription 10.00
No time charges
Full Internet access

The Direct Connection
Phone 081 317 0100
Registration Fee 7.50
Login Accounts: 
Standard 10.00 per month includes e-mail, usenet, personal file area
and offline reader. (no time charges)
Enhanced 20.00 per month includes all of above plus telnet, ftp, gopher
and IRC. (no time charges)
TCP/IP Account:
15.00 per month gives access to the Internet (no time charges)
UUCP Account:
10.00 per month gives a personal feed for e-mail and up to 100 newsgroups.

EuNet GB
Phone 0227 475497
This is not really for individuals but companies and institutions.
Basic e-mail account 95.00 per quarter unlimited connect time but
surcharge rates for international mailing (7.5p per kb).
Full Internet access is 300.00 set up costs plus a minimum of 450.00
per quarter.

ExNet (Service is called HelpEx)
Phone 081 244 0077
Basic Service - e-mail and usenet 60.00 per year (limited to 1 hour
a day free connect time)
UUCP Service - services above plus a UUCP account 100.00 (access to e-mail 
is unlimited but limited to 1 hour on the UUCP account)
Full Feed Service - UUCP service plus unlimited transfer of data 300.00
per year.

Phone 071 608 3040
Registration Fee 15.00 (30.00 commercial)
Monthly charge of 5.00 (10.00 commercial)
Connect time 4/6p per minute (10p commercial)
Full Internet access

Infocom (Dial-up service is called ukmailNET)
Phone 0850 920041
UUCP Account - mail only, 65.00 per year
mail and news 120.00 per year

IBM PC User Group 
Phone 081 863 1191
Registration fee 10.00
Basic e-mail service 50.00 per year
Full Internet access 150.00 per year
(there are no time charges)

Phone 081 558 6114
Registration fee - none
2.00 per hour OR 10.00 per month
Full Internet access

Again this is not really for individual use but for companies.
Dial up charges start from 250.00 set up costs then 500.00 per
(Direct Connection and IBM PC User Group are connected to PIPEX)

*All the prices are plus VAT.

hope this is useful ....

(note all phone numbers are quoted in UK form.  To call them delete the
initial 0 and insert 44-

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