NSC93 First Announcement & Call for Papers

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 This is the European Networking Conference which covers OUR area:
 information services and user support (ISUS).  I'd particularly like
 to see presentations and demos of the latest additions in the area of
 NIR Tools.

 Abstracts for papers and demos should be sent in by May 8th.


 Jill Foster (RARE ISUS WG chair)

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Dear Colleague,
Please find below the first announcement for NSC93 in Warsaw, which I kindly
ask you to distribute as appropriate in your countries.
Excuse us for possible double postings.
Best regards, Hans
              First Call for Participation / Call for Papers
                  The Network Services Conference 1993
                   Warsaw, Poland, 12-14 October 1993
 Networking in the academic and  research environment has evolved into an
 important tool for researchers in  all disciplines. High quality network
 services and tools are essential parts of the research infrastructure.
 Building on the success of the first Network Services Conference in
 Pisa  Italy, NSC'93  will  focus on the issue of providing services  to
 customers, with special  attention paid to the  exciting developments in
 new global high-level tools. We will address the impact of the new
 global tools on  service development and support,  the changing function
 of traditional tools and services (such as archives), new services (such
 as multi-media communications), the future role of the library and the
 effects of commercialization of networks and network services.  Customer
 support at the  institutional and campus level, and the  role of support
 in accessing global services, will also be covered.
 Talks, tutorials, demonstrations and other conference activities will
 address the needs of the research, academic, educational, governmental,
 industrial, and commercial network communities.
 NSC'93  is being  organized by EARN  in conjunction  with EUnet/EurOpen,
 NORDUnet, RARE, and RIPE.
     Conference Venue
 Warsaw, the capital of Poland, lies in the center of the country on the
 Mazovian Lowland. Located on the banks of the Vistula River, it has a
 population of 1,700,000.
 Legends speak of Warsaw's past. One of them tells of a mermaid swimming
 in the waves of the blue Vistula before Mazovian fishermen and
 foretelling of the founding of an indestructible city. Another account
 speaks of the founders of the city, Wars and Sawa, lovers whose names
 were combined to give the city its name.
 Today, Warsaw is an important administrative, scientific, cultural and
 communication center. The city, destroyed during World War II, has been
 faithfully rebuilt and almost all historic buildings have been restored.
 The conference will  be held  at the  Victoria Intercontinental Hotel,
 situated in the heart of the city's business and professional center,
 within walking distance of Warsaw University and just a minute away from
 the Opera House, Royal Castle and the Old Town of Warsaw.
     Conference Information
 Dates to remember:
   Deadline for papers -  8 May 1993
   Deadline for demonstrations - 3 August 1993
   NSC'93 - Tuesday, 12 October 1993 - Thursday, 14 October 1993
 Location:  Hotel Victoria Inter Continental, ul. Krolewska 11,
            Warsaw, Poland
 Accommodations: Rooms will be reserved for conference participants
                 at the Victoria Inter Continental, and at other nearby
 Transportation:  LOT Polish Airlines is the official carrier for NSC'93.
                  LOT is offering a 50% discount off published IATA fares
                  for conference participants.
 Language:  The official language of the conference will be English.
 Conference fee:  covers entry to all conference sessions, tutorials and
                  demonstrations, conference material, coffee breaks,
                  lunches and social events:
                  EARLY Registration by 15 August      590 DeutschMark
                  LATE  Registration by 30 September   650 DM
                  DESK  Registration                   710 DM
   Tutorials, Demonstrations and Posters
 There will be tutorial sessions on specific network services as part
 of the regular conference program. A room will be available for
 workstations and PCs to be used for demonstrations throughout the
 Proposals for tutorial sessions and demonstrations are welcome.
 See the section "Call for papers" of this announcement for details.
 A poster wall will be available to participants for the display of
 their posters and  projects. Terminals with  connectivity to EARN and
 the Internet will be available to delegates.
   Further Information and General Inquiry
 Further information will be available through the conference mailing
 list, NSC93-L@FRORS12.BITNET (or NSC93-L@FRORS12.CIRCE.FR). If you want
 to make sure you receive registration information as well as the
 preliminary program and other information of interest to conference
 participants, join the list by sending e-mail to:
 with the line:
    SUB NSC93-L Your Name
 If you have any questions or require any assistance, you can contact
 the conference organizers at:
   EARN Office
   c/o CIRCE
   BP 167
   F-91403 Orsay
   Tel: +33 1 6982 3973
   Fax: +33 1 6928 5273
   E-mail: NSC93@FRORS12.BITNET   or
     Program and Organizing Committees
 Program Committee
 Hans  Deckers, France  (Chair);  Daniel Jozef  Bem, Poland;  Howard
 Bilofsky,  Germany; Klaus  Birkenbihl,  Germany;  Rob Blokzijl,  The
 Netherlands;  Daniele Bovio,  France; Paul  Bryant, United  Kingdom;
 Vasco Freitas,  Portugal; Tomasz  Hofmokl, Poland;  Dennis Jennings,
 Ireland; Glenn Kowack, The  Netherlands; David Sitman, Israel; Marco
 Sommani, Italy; Iain Stinson, United Kingdom.
 Organizing Committee
 Frode Greisen,  Denmark (Chair);  Paul Bryant, United  Kingdom; Hans
 Deckers,  France; Nadine  Grange,  France;  Tomasz Hofmokl,  Poland;
 Tadeusz Wegrzynowski, Poland.
    Call for Papers
 The Program Committee for NSC'93 is soliciting proposals for papers,
 tutorials and demonstrations in all fields related to network services.
 Subject areas for presentations include, but are not limited to, the
 -  Network resource tools
 -  Network directory services
 -  Multimedia Communications
 -  Electronic Publishing
 -  Libraries and Networking
 -  Special Interest Communities
 -  Groupware, Cooperative Work over the Network
 -  Networking for Schools
 -  User Support
 -  Delivering Services to the Desktop
 -  Commercialization of Network Services
 -  Networking in Eastern and Central Europe
 Speakers will be entitled to a 25% discount on the registration fee.
 There will be a reception for speakers on the evening before the
 Proposals for presentations, tutorials and demonstrations, including
 a short biography and an abstract should be sent by mail, fax or
 PREFERABLY e-mail, to:
   EARN Office
   c/o CIRCE
   BP 167
   F-91403 Orsay
   Tel: +33 1 6982 3973
   Fax: +33 1 6928 5273
   E-mail:  NSC93@FRORS12.BITNET  or
 Please use the form appended below for proposals.
 Proposals for papers and tutorials should be sent not later
 than 8 May 1993.
 Notification of acceptance will be sent by 8 June 1993.
 Proposals for demonstrations should be sent not later
 than 3 August 1993.
 Notification of acceptance of demonstrations will be sent by
 17 August 1993.
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                  The Network Services Conference 1993
                       Proposal for Presentation
E-mail address(es):
Postal address(es):
Title of presentation:
Type of presentation (paper, demo, tutorial):
Biographical sketch (5-10 lines):
Abstract (25-40 lines):
Equipment required: