[fwd] FYI: Intro to trn

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[news.admin.misc] Introduction to 'trn' is available - comp.archives #2293

In article <242bdj$49g@agate.berkeley.edu>du>, jtbell@presby.edu (Jon Bell) writes:
|> Archive-name: auto/news.admin.misc/Introduction-to-trn-is-available
|> I have written an "Introduction to Usenet News and the 'trn' Newsreader"
|> for our users.  It covers the basics of reading and posting articles,
|> signature files, crossposting, etc., and is about thirty pages long.
|> Even though I wrote it specifically for our system, most of it should
|> be valid on most systems which use 'trn.'  You are free to modify it as
|> necessary to suit local circumstances.  It is based on trn 2.5;  after
|> a quick preliminary investigation, I don't think there are significant
|> differences for trn 3.0 and 3.1.  I plan to update it eventually, and
|> would appreciate any suggestions.
|> This document is available in two formats:  as a Macintosh WriteNow 3.0
|> document in BinHex (.hqx) format, and as a Microsoft Rich Text Format file
|> which can be opened by MS Word 4.0 (or later?) for the Mac and (I hope) by
|> other word processors.  I have not prepared a PostScript version because I
|> figured that most people would want to tailor it for local use.  If you 
|> want a PS version anyway, e-mail me and we'll see if I can coax my Mac into
|> generating a sufficiently "generic" PS file.
|> You can get this document either (a) by anonymous ftp from cs1.presby.edu,
|> directory pub/trn-intro; or (b) from the Presbyterian College gopher server
|> (cs1.presby.edu, port 70; or somewhere in your "Other Gophers" menu), in 
|> the directory "Internet Resources".
|> Please note that file transfers may be somewhat slower than you are accustomed
|> to because our current network link is only 9.6Kbps.
|> Enjoy!
|> -- 
|> Jon Bell <jtbell@presby.edu>                        Presbyterian College
|> Dept. of Physics and Computer Science        Clinton, South Carolina USA