Report on Networked Information Retrieval Tools and Groups Thu, 12 November 1992 11:16 UTC

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Subject: Report on Networked Information Retrieval Tools and Groups
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 More haste less speed.  The up to date files are NOT yet available via

 I did check that the files were available on Mailbase - but the copying
 of the files to the public directory had not happened.  Please wait an
 hour before retrieving the file via ftp.

 Grovel! Apologies - Jill

 Original message:

 A little later than intended...

 The draft Report on Networked Information Retrieval Tools and Groups
 is now available from Mailbase.  This will be discussed at the NIR WG
 meeting at the IETF (next Wednesday morning 9:30 - 12)

 See below for what is covered and how to retrieve it.


 You have already seen the skeleton version - and had time to comment
 on that.  This version contains the completed templates for those
 tools and groups for which I have been given information.

 I have tried to make the format of the entries as consistent as
 possible and have updated the templates themselves accordingly.

 All constructive comments welcome.

 The next stage is to add the missing information, decide who/how to do
 the evaluation of each application - and add the "internet draft"

 We can then look at better ways of making this information available.

 Thanks VERY much to all those of you who provided the completed templates.

 -- Jill


 To retrieve the report (version 2.0) and the updated templates
 (version 4.0) :

 mail to:

 the commands (in the text of the message):

 send nir 
 send nir tool.template
 send nir group.template

 Alternatively - use anonymous ftp to (use your email
 address as the password):

 files:   /pub/nir/


 What is covered?

 In the current report you will find information on the following NIR

      Soft Pages
      WAIS              ** not yet received **
      WHOIS             ** not yet received ** 
      World Wide Web

 and the following NIR Groups:     [Note: I have not received items marked *]   

      CNI           * CNI-arch
                    * Directory
                    * Top node  
                    * WAIS Support Centre

      IETF          * IAFA WG
                      IIIR WG  
                      NIR-WG    joint IETF/RARE WG 
                      NISI WG
                      OSI-DS WG  
                    * URI WG
                    * URL WG  

      OCLC            USMARC WG   

      RARE            ISUS WG   joint NIR task force with IETF

      SR-NETT Group   Nordic SR-project