E-mail conference on IT

Martin Bazley <m.bazley@nmsi.ac.uk> Fri, 23 August 1996 12:47 UTC

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Dear Potential Participant

We are running an e-mail conference (our third to date) for secondary
schools from 17-27 September and I was wondering if any subscribers to this
list might like to participate.   The theme of the conference is:

        "Is IT helping or hindering mankind?"

The aim of these conferences is to generate discussion, thereby encouraging
children to consider the effects of science and technology on their
everyday lives and to think constructively about future developments.

There are two types of participants in the conference:  schoolchildren and
'experts' i.e. people with reasonably extensive expertise in one or more
areas relevant to the topic for discussion.

Participating as an expert will not be very time-consuming.  I am limiting
the number of schools to fewer than one per expert.  The only 'commitment' is to
answer (briefly, so as to encourage, rather than silence,
discussion!) up to one question per day of the conference.  This should not
take more than a few minutes, although some people do like to
spend longer.

Please let me know if you would like more details - although there is not
much more to tell, as participation in the conference is very simple.
'Experts' from previous conferences have said how much they enjoyed being
in touch with young people's ideas on their special subject and the
response from schools is also very enthusiastic.

If you think you could communicate effectively with secondary students in
your area of expertise please do get in touch.

Martin Bazley
Education and Programmes Unit
Science Museum

e-mail: m.bazley@nmsi.ac.uk

telephone: 0171 938 8096

fax: 0171 938 9774

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