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Firstly, I apologise if you see this on another list.

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Sunderland trying to develop a view of how (and why) perceptions of Knowledge Engineering vary internationally.

One of the methods I have chosen is the development of an interactive 
questionnaire form, designed for the Internet using xMosaic on the World Wide 
Web.  The questionnaire is available at the following URL address:

I would really be delighted if members of this list completed the 
questionnaire for me  -  it will not take you very long, and it's a novel and 
interesting way of filling in such a form.

If you have not got xMosaic, and are interested in completing the questionnaire,
please let me know and I shall gladly send you the E-mail version. 

I do hope you will help me make this an interesting and worthwhile project by 
completing the form -  otherwise developing my questionnaire form will prove to
have been a somewhat arid exercise for me :-{

Thank you in advance

Walter Scales
Postgraduate student at the School of Computing
University of Sunderland, Green Terrace, Tyne & Wear SR1 3SD, UK
School fax number: UK 091 515 2781; Home fax: UK 091 584 5359
E-mail address:
Alternative E-mail: