NIR list moving real soon now! Thu, 14 January 1993 20:07 UTC

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Subject: NIR list moving real soon now!
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 Attention all list members!!

 The move of this list from McGill to Mailbase at Newcastle will happen
 real soon now!

 Please subscribe to the mailbase list as soon as possible.

 (My last message via McGill took 5 days to be distributed....)

 As before, the McGill list should be used until an announcement that
 the new list is operational.

 Repeat subscription instructions follow.


 -- Jill

 Mailbase is an automatic mailing list server.  It requires your name
 as well as your email address (taken from your message header) in
 order to produce a meaningful list of members.  As the McGill list
 does not have your names (only email addresses) - you will need to
 subscribe to the new list. Apologies for the hassle!

        to join:  mail to:

           the command (as the only text of the message):

           subscribe  nir firstname lastname

           (substituting your own first and last name) 

           For example:  subscribe nir Jill Foster

 Message archives and files associated with nir will be in directory:

      pub/nir on

 They may be retrieved via email or anonymous ftp.

 Please subscribe now while you remember. 

 Mail for NIR should be sent to the McGill list until you see an
 announcement on the two lists saying that the move is complete.

 Mail to the new list should then be sent to:

 Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

 If you have problems with mailbase mail to

 -- Jill Foster (NIR WG chair)