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"Mark P. McCahill" <> Wed, 05 April 1995 00:21 UTC

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In message <v01510103aba57e159004@[]>  writes:
> I just downloaded the alpha mac release of TurboGopher VR and the whole
> thing smacks of doing something because you can, and not because it's good.

For a longer explanation of the rationale, see this paper:


> I quickly gave up using the "3D Browser" finding the "1D list" of items to
> be *much* easier and faster to use.

we aren't done with 3D browsing tools yet...

> The items aren't layed out in 3D, they are placed on a flat plain and the
> "VR" view of them is 3D.

That is because you are going to non-3D savvy gopher servers and we have to 
build some sort of default scene in the client. 3D-savvy gopher servers can 
tell the client where to place things (x,y,z coordinates) and how to orient 
them (x,y,z rotation). So... a 3D-savvy server can return a scene with the 
objects arranged in some other fashion than that which the client synthesizes 
for non 3D-savvy servers.

> Personally I will need quite a bit of pursuading to believe that looking at
> information layed out on this plain is in some way better than for example
> using the new 2D lay-out facilities that tables in WWW provide.

Keep an open mind for a little while while things like Veronica become 

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