Telnet site lists on World-WideWeb with Hytelnet

Tim Berners-Lee <> Fri, 11 December 1992 16:02 UTC

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Subject: Telnet site lists on World-WideWeb with Hytelnet

              Telnet site lists on World-WideWeb with Hytelnet

You can now browse around Peter Scott's excellent list of on-line library  
catalogues and other things directly using WWW.

The hytelnet list is a hypertext database with pointers to the telnet sites.
Sites are grouped into Library catalogues and "others". The library catalogues  
are arranged geographically, and the "others" by function.

There is also a good collection of on-line help for many library catalogue  
query systems which you may come across, and lists of which libraries
use which software.

A server running at CERN gives a WWW view of the Hytelnet data. If you have
a WWW browser, point it at

There is a pointer under "Libraries" in the WWW subject list on info. Until  
libraries start putting their catalogues directly on the web, this will be the  
most convenient way to find out what there is out there.

The pointers allow you to jump straight to the login prompt at your chosen  
library. For security reasons, you cannot do this jump if you are already  
logged in to a public WWW service -- you must run a WWW browser locally.  Your  
WWW browser must of course also support telnet jumps, as the line mode browser  
(www) does.   The line mode browser is available by anonymous FTP from ( in /pub/www/src (source) /pub/www/bin/ (binaries  
for some machines).  The software used to run the server is also available:  
read document
with www.

NOTE: The server makes extensive use of the <PRE> formatting tag, so your  
version of the browser should be based on the WWW Library off version 1.1 or  
later, or the display will be badly formatted.

Comments/suggestions/bugs on the software to,
on the data itself to Peter Scott.

	Tim Berners-Lee

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