NIR Status Report Thu, 22 July 1993 15:42 UTC

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Subject: NIR Status Report

For information:  I've just sent this message to those who submitted
information for the NIR Status Report.

This is coming to you as a contributor to the NIR status Report.

Just to keep you informed: The NIR Status report was discussed at the IETF
in Amsterdam.  I have done some updating of it as a result of that meeting.
(It's not yet on Mailbase).

I'm leaving this Friday night for 4 weeks away (3 weeks hols + 1 week INET)
- so hope to put an updated version of the report out at the end of this
week and then again around the end of August. It will then be submitted as
an RFC.  I will take updated templates up until the 23rd August.

Please  send your updates to: 

Once we have the RFC submitted, we will be looking at ways of maintaining
this information on-line - and only producing the full report once a year.
I'm currently talking to various parties re doing this.

Thanks for all your efforts.

 -- Jill