IETF/RARE NIR WG Agenda for Houston Thu, 28 October 1993 17:58 UTC

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Subject: IETF/RARE NIR WG Agenda for Houston
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 A Reminder:

Here is the agenda for our meeting in Houston.

RARE ISUS WG  members discussed some of these agenda items at our
meeting two weeks ago in Warsaw.

-- Jill

IETF/RARE  Networked Information Retrieval Working Group Meeting
 Date:  Wednesday November 3rd

 Time:  13:30 - 15:30 

Place: Houston, Texas

 Chairs:   Jill Foster   - University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
                George Brett - CNIDR

 1.  Approval of the Agenda

 2.  Status report on CNIDR (and maybe InterNIC?)

 3.  Status report on RARE related activities

 4. NIR status Report:
   - final update and comments before the publication as RFC
   - maintenance

 5. NIR evaluation:
      This is one of the areas where I feel we got carried away.
         We need to re-think what we want to do here.

6. Review of the charter. 
     NIR was set up to act as a clearing house for information on 
        what is going on in this area. The report was the natural first
        move on this. There are other things we could do to improve 
        current awareness of what is going on. (See George Munroe's
        message to NIR)

 7. Any other business


Status Report on NIR Tools and Groups: (latest
available on Friday pm)
gopher:// Lists/nir/Other Files/