Electronic Publishing futures

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EP Futures: The Next Five Years
In Memory of Cathy Booth and Catherine Griffin
Thursday 6th April 1995, 9.30 a.m for 10.00 a.m.
School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square, London WC1
In the last two years or so electronic publishing,
both on CD and now on the World Wide Web, has become a reality. Hype about the
Information SuperHighway appears everywhere. But where is it all going? This
is, of course, a big subject and it would be impossible to deal with it in a
single meeting. However, the aim of this meeting is to look at some important
areas and examine the directions in which they are moving.
The areas to be examined include the Web and Multimedia, as well as the
key areas, education, intellectual property rights and the screen
interface. While we cannot promise a completely accurate view of the next five
years, this meeting should indicate the directions in which things are likely
to move. And, even if the pundits are wrong, you will at least be able to look
back in five years time and say `Ah, I said so!'.

Cathy Booth and Catherine Griffin were members of the Group Committee for
several years, Catherine almost from day one, and the shape of the Group and the
way it developed are the result of their effort and enthusiasm. Cathy was deeply
involved in teaching DTP and  TeX] at Exeter University, while Catherine,
as well as working at Oxford University Computing Service, ran her own
typesetting company, specializing in Arabic languages. Sadly, both died as
a result of cancer. The Committee felt that dedicating a meeting looking
into the future was an appropriate way to pay tribute to them.
Speakers (subject to final confirmation) will be:

Ken Moore,
previously Product IT Consultant with the Longman Group and now an
independent EP specialist, who will introduce the day with
Digital Technology - An Opportunity for Publishers.
Wendy Hall, 
Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of
Southampton, who will speak on 
The Future of Multimedia Publishing.
Christina Preston, 
Institute of Education, University of London, who will talk about 
EP in Education.
Conrad Taylor, 
designer and teacher of design, editor of IDeAs, the Newsletter
of the Information Design Association, who will discuss  
Keeping up Appearances -  Fonts and On-line Documentation.
Geoffrey Adams, 
British Copyright Council, who will talk about  
Intellectual Property Rights.
Matthew Darlison, 
who runs the Web server at University College London, will speak on 
The Future of the World Wide Web.
To register for the seminar, complete the registration form (or a
photocopy) and send it to:

BCS Electronic Publishing Specialist Group, 30 Edgerton Road
Huddersfield HD3 3AD   Tel: 0484 519462; Fax: 0484 451396

email: bcsepsg@eps-edge.demon.co.uk
The fees are given below and include refreshments and lunch
(please advise the organisers of any dietary or other special requirements
as early as possible). Seminar fees, but not the membership fee, 
are subject to VAT at 17.5%. If you join the EP Group using the 
attached form, then you may claim the members' rate for
attending the meeting. A VAT receipt will be provided.
Cancellations must be received in writing not less than 14
days before the seminar, but substitutions can be made at any time.
If you wish to be invoiced, there will be an additional charge of  5
plus VAT to cover administrative costs. 


EP Futures   Thursday 6 April 1995

 Rates  (please tick the appropriate boxes):

EPSG members		#45 + #7.88 VAT		|_|

non-members		#75 + #13.13 VAT	|_|

EPSG student members	#25 + #4.38 VAT 	|_|

additional charge for invoicing	#5 +  #0.88	|_|
EPSG Membership fee
	BCS members #20 (No VAT)		|_|
	others #30; (No VAT)			|_|
	Students #10  (No VAT)			|_|
	(enclose letter signed by supervisor/tutor)

VAT Reg. No. GB 618 1687 24:

TOTAL: ..........................................................

NAME AND TITLE (Mr, Ms, Dr etc.): ...............................

ADDRESS: .......................................................



ORGANISATION (if not part of address): ..........................

TELEPHONE: ...............................................
I have read your terms and conditions. Please register me as a delegate for
the above seminar;
*I enclose a cheque for  . . . . . . . . . . made payable to:
BCS Electronic Publishing Specialist Group 
* Please invoice me (additional fee  5.00 + 0.88 VAT - tick box above)

* Delete as required

Please return to the address given above. Email and fax
registrations are acceptable, but must be followed by hard-copy
confirmation (with a cheque) or include a request for an invoice. 
BCS Electronic Publishing Specialist Group
Electronic publishing covers a multitude of fascinating subjects.
To keep up to date with the whole field requires continuous
study. Skills previously taught over years of apprenticeship now
have to be absorbed in a few months. One day you need to
understand the details of what makes a good font design, the next
how monitors display colour, and the next indexing methods for
compacted video images. Publishing brings together people from
very different backgrounds, and to be successful these people
must learn to appreciate and understand each other's expertise.
What better way to keep up than to join a friendly group of 
like-minded specialists?

The Electronic Publishing Specialist Group is the only fully
independent group of its kind. Unlike most User Groups, we do not
limit ourselves to one product or supplier. We know that
professionals in this field need to understand a vast range of
products, and that much of the real struggle is to get the
disparate elements to work together. We are not attached to any
commercial organisations and consciously endeavour to attract a
wide variety of members. This means that the Group can take a
wide and independent view of events and products.

The Electronic Publishing Specialist Group holds at least four regular
meetings each year and two-day conferences periodically. The meetings are
kept to a size which permits people to meet and exchange ideas
in an informal and stimulating atmosphere. Each meeting covers
one subject which allows us to focus on areas of particular
interest to you. A typical meeting includes an overview of the
topic, talks by experts at the forefront of the field, and
examples of real-life applications.

We circulate a regular newsletter to keep members up-to-date with
events in  electronic publishing and to provide another means for
exchange of information   particularly valuable for people too
busy to attend the meetings. All of our meetings are reasonably
priced and provide much better value than large commercial
conferences. Every year the Group reviews the whole field to make
sure that we include new topics and do not hang onto outdated
ones. All members are encouraged to contribute by suggesting
meeting topics, writing articles for the newsletter or submitting papers for
To find out about the latest and best in electronic publishing,
to meet the people making the news and using the products, join
the Electronic Publishing Specialist Group. Return your application
form or contact our office. The address is:
BCS EPSG Office, 30 Edgerton Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield HD3 3AD
Tel: 01484 519462    Fax: 01484 451396
email: bcsepsg@eps-edge.demon.co.uk