NIR WG Minutes Mon, 19 July 1993 12:35 UTC

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Subject: NIR WG Minutes

Here are the minutes of the NIR WG meeting at the Amsterdam IETF. Thanks
VERY much Kevin.

-- Jill

Minutes of the NIR meeting in Amsterdam, July 15, 1993.

Chair: Jill Foster
Minute taker: Kevin Gamiel

Jim Fullton gave a general overview of the MCNC Clearinghouse for
Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR).  CNIDR is funded by
the National Science Foundation to promote the use and development of
networked information tools and systems.

Anders Gillner from a RARE ISUS task force gave a presentation on the
Eurogopher.  The Eurogopher is an attempt to establish a
geographical-based as well as subject-based gopher infrastructure
throughout Europe. 

The NIR report was discussed in some detail and edited by the group.  

-  It was decided that NCSA's Mosaic for X should not be a stand-alone
but rather indicated as a client under the World Wide Web category.  

-  The WAIS and freeWAIS categories will be merged as WAIS/freeWAIS. 
Brewster Kahle and Jim Fullton will write parallel descriptions of each
and will resubmit those writings to Jill for the next update.  

-  The Grateful Med item was voted out of the report as it was generally
considered not to be an open network resource.  Also voted to be removed
from the report was the group Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical
Communications, National Library of Medicine. 

-  Section #3 of the report will be edited to expand all acronyms.

-  The ZIT has been dissolved and therefore will be removed from the

-  Mark Needleman completed a tool template for the z39.50 protocol. 
Since it is a protocol and not a tool, it was decided to port the template
to a group template on the z39.50 Implementors Group (ZIG).

-  comp.infosystems.www will be added to the newsgroup templates.

-  CNIDR are considering publishing the report online.  Access could be via
ftp, gopher, wais, and web.  Any details will be posted to the NIR list as
they become available (after the meeting, a representative from the
InterNIC expressed interest in doing this as well).

-  It was agreed that the full report should be updated once per year,
although more regular updating of the individual sections held online
should be possible. 

Reinhard Doelz discussed his NIR tool checklist.  The checklist was very
extensive and ambitious.  Several schemes for  maintaining the list were
discussed including online telnet "holes" allowing the user to complete
the checklist.  As a first cut, however, April volunteered to prune the
checklist into a fairly simple list.  Reinhard's work was deemed a
useful resource for users deciding on NIR tools and will be posted to the
mailing list.

The group agreed to remove the sections concerning the provision of
documentation and training materials for NIR tools from the charter.  It
was agreed that this is too ambitious and out of scope.

MCNC CNIDR - 919-248-1499 

Proud charter member of 
Tar Heel Information Services - "Nothing but net!"