Re: NIR Status Report - last update

Richard Rodgers <> Wed, 13 October 1993 13:33 UTC

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Jill (and fellow NIR members),

Due to draconian foreign travel policies for U.S. government employees, I was
unable to attend the Amsterdam IETF, but look forward to seeing you all
in Houston.  At the Amsterdam deliberations, my proposed entries into the
network resources catalog for both the Lister Hill Center and for Grateful
Med were removed.  From what I have been able to glean from various
attendees, the group in attendance had simply heard of neither LHC nor
GM.  As part of my effort to turn this situation around, I am pleased to
announce that you can now turn your nearest WWW browser to point to the
URL: and find fairly complete information about
both LHC and GM.  I hope this will help to reopen discussion of our entries
into the NIR catalog.

See y'all in Texas...

Best Regards, R. P. C. (Rick) Rodgers (pulling on his cowboy boots and
strapping on his six-shooter)