Networked IR talk, London

Mark Sanderson <> Wed, 03 November 1993 19:50 UTC

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                         BCS IR Specialist Group

                     Networked Information Retrieval
                 Room 214 Department of Computer Science
                        University College London
                        17th November 1993 at 2pm

Developments in networking have merely served to make intractable problems
of information retrieval even more intractable by changing the relations of
time and space in which information is produced and consumed.  This has not
been helped by people who think that achieving ls, cd and get is
progressing IR.
However it is clear that by building interoperable networks a new
complexity has been added to the older problems which might mean that we
can look at them in a new light.  Partly this is the consequence of the
success of TCP/IP in achieving a level of penetration not achieved by OSI
so far, partly decisions by research and academic networks providers to
allow secondary and commercial connectivity.  And now the involvement of
cable television companies in providing high bandwidth with the possibility
that it will become pervasive.

This meeting will try to establish how these developments will provide new
opportunities for real network information retrieval.  It is aimed at
people who have an experience of networks but less so of information
retrieval or people with IR experience and who are concerned at how much
progress has been made in actually using their networks to answer

Full details from...

John Lindsay (Treasurer) - University of Kingston
        Phone:  081 - 547 2000 ext 2699
        Fax:    081 - 547 1457

Frances Slack - Manchester Metropolitan University
        Phone:  061 - 247 6106
        Fax:    061 - 236 7383
                (state Library ext 6106)

The preferred method of contact is e-mail then fax.

                ** IRSG Group Membership **

Membership of the Group is open to anyone interested in the information
seeking behaviour of people, though professional membership of the BCS is
restricted by the conditions governing election to Membership.
We are keen to have reciprocal membership with groups throughout Europe and
have a relationship with ACM SIGIR, including organisation of the annual
Corporate membership is available to organisations interested in
information retrieval.

                ** The Newsletter **

The newsletter of the Group is produced four times a year and is sent free
to members. It contains information of interest to the IR community and
surveys the range of activities, literature, software in the field.

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(C) 1993 BCS IRSG

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