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UNITE Discussion List - New Members Welcome

UNITE is an acronym for User Network Interface To Everything. The
purpose of the list is to act as a focus for discussion related to
the general theme of one interface to all network services.

At present the user has at their disposal a mishmash of client
programs, for various platforms, which access diverse information
servers in different ways. Some of these individual user agents
are commendable interfaces to particular sources. However to
approach the information age in an orderly fashion we require
total solution interfaces which support transparent access to all
available information from a familiar working environment.

UNITE attempts to loosely define what a total solution should
consist of. We also try to identify current systems which are
bringing network services together in one user interface.
Evaluations and comparisons of such systems is an ongoing activity
of willing members, with the aim of providing a repository of
information on the progress toward the 'ideal' interface.

To join the list send a message to:

containing the line:

join unite <yourfirstname> <yourlastname>

The list was started by members of the European RARE (Reseaux
Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne) working group on
Information Services and User Support (wg-isus), as part of a task
force to survey 'total solution user interfaces'.