WWW and gopher - and math

Flemming Topsoe <topsoe@euromath.dk> Wed, 05 April 1995 11:53 UTC

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Subject: WWW and gopher - and math
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As a remark in connection with the recent discussion on this list, I
point to the lack of possibilities for convenient inclusion of
mathematical expressions in either WWW or gopherspace. However, we
believe that soon this will be possible in the WWW environment. If any
of you go to the WWW conference next week in Darmstadt (cf.
html://www.igd.fhg.de/www95.html) you may be interested in attending a
panel discussion on HTML3 and mathematics (scheduled for Tuesday
afternoon). <for irritating reasons I have had to cancel my own
participation in this to me/us important event>.

For mathematics we believe that the WWW philosophy is superior because
of the importance of structure in your documents. 

After Darmstadt I much hope some consensus as to how math can be
integrated in the web will emerge. Let me know if any of you are
specially interested in this. The Euromath group believes our DTD
(developed under SGML) is the perfect tool (or the perfect base at
least) and may decide to finetune it and make it available for
non-for-profit use at least. We would appreciate being contacted by
interested persons/groups who could exploit this development. Also, we
ask if any of you are aware of a suitable base which would allow a
similar development for chemical expressions/formulea.

-Flemming Topsoe
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