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Some people have had problems unzipping the NCSA/TUBA file.  Apparently
I have the misfortune of using the latest and greatest pkzip package.
For those having problems there is now a DOS unzip executable on
osi.ncsl.nist.gov (

-rw-r--r--  1 colella     28806 Mar 16 08:53 ./pub/ncsa_tuba/dos_pkunzip.exe

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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>From: colella@NIST.GOV
Subject: A new NCSA/TUBA release available
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A new version of NCSA Telnet with TUBA is now available.  The major
additions to this version from the February 4 release are:

        - a clnp ping initiator and responder,
        - a finger initiator, and,
        - the ability to heed ESIS redirects.

See below for details.



   Release notes for NCSA Telnet 2.3.05 (TUBA 1.0)

This distribution is a modified version of NCSA Telnet,
version 2.3.05.  It incorporates a prototype of TUBA
(TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses -- see RFC 1347).

The executables in this distribution were tested with
the Cisco prototype Tuba implementation.

Obtaining the Distribution
The distribution is available on osi.ncsl.nist.gov
( via anonymous ftp as file:

-rw-r--r--  1 colella    990147 Mar 12 17:10 ./pub/ncsa_tuba/ncsa_tuba_1.0.zip

osi.ncsl.nist.gov also supports "anonymous" FTAM as follows:

   Paddr  = {1,1,1,47:0005:80:005A00:0000:0001:E137:080020079EFC:00}
   userid = anon, no password, realstore = unix

The corresponding "ISODE isoentities" entry is:

   osi.ncsl.nist.gov   filestore NULL \

Programs in the Distribution
The following executables are compiled and ready to go:

    telbin.exe - the basic NCSA Telnet program, which contains:
           o  a telnet initiator
           o  a clnp ping responder
           o  ability to handle redirects from routers
           o  an ftp responder (can be used to test basic
              connectivity by telnetting to the ftp port, 21)
    finger.exe - the finger initiator
    clnping.exe - a clnp version of ping (the "new"
                  kind as described in internet draft

In addition to the precompiled executables, the distribution
also contains the source code.  The tools used to create these
binaries are:

    Microsoft C Compiler, Version 7.0
    Microsoft ASM (MASM), Version 6.1

The file 'build.bat' executes make on the three makefiles
for the telbin, finger, and clnping executables.

Configuration Information
For information on how to configure NCSA Telnet in general,
ftp to ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu and look in the ./PC/Telnet/docs

For specific information concerning configuration for TUBA,
see directions in the 'config.tel' file included in this
distribution.  Also see 'tubaread.txt' (this file).

Send questions and comments to colella@nist.gov.

--Richard Colella, 3/12/93

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