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        Date: 18 March 1993

        To:   OIW ODA SIG Participants (Attachment E)
              Brenda Gray, OIW Administrator

        cc:   COS, OSINET, EWOS, AOW
              **** NOTE: Please forward to appropriate membership   ****
              ****       and interest lists.                        ****

        From: Jon A. Stewart, Acting Chair of ODA SIG and
                              Chair, Interoperability Testing Subgroup

              Minutes of the Meeting of the ODA SIG at the
              OSE Implementors Workshop, March 9-11, 1992

          A) One Slide Summary of Meeting
          B) CATG Minutes (Content Architecture Task Group of TLC)
          C) Liaisons to CALS and AIIM re Raster DAP progression
          D) Terminology -- Abbreviations/Acronyms used in reports
          E) Contact information for current and (recent-) past attendees,
             official liaisons, potential new members and other interested
          F) Document Registry from this meeting


          Jon Stewart, Consultant, Quality One Softworks Corp.,
                       Acting ODA SIG Chair and Chair, Testing Subgroup
          Jim Wing, IBM, Chair, Text Subgroup
          Frank Spielman, NIST, Chair, Raster Subgroup
          Patrick Stephens, DEC
          Alexis Cheng, IBM Canada
          Imran Akhtar, MicroSoft
          Joanna Vanderbilt, Consultant, Adept Computing
          Annette Shuford, US Navy,  David Taylor Model Basin
          Lynne Rosenthal, NIST (parttime & CATG)
          Greg Varga, Keyword Office Tech., Canada
          Carlton Neville, Consultant, Neville Associates (parttime & CATG)


             See attachment A -- the Summary  Slide.   Additional  notes
        are provided here.
                                                                Page 2

             The agenda adopted had mainly to do  with  preparation  for
        Pagoda  13  scheduled  for the end of the month; the progression
        and philosophy for dealing with the Level 2 to Level 3 Migration
        DAP;  and  some ISO/CCITT alignments required for the Raster DAP
        (FOD112).  Documents to be considered were handed out and  given
        ODA SIG document numbers (see registry, attachment F).

             SGML-community concern over ODA SIG endorsement of  Neville
        comments  (re NIST APP reference to ODA and SGML usage) from the
        December meeting was discussed.  Carlton Neville and Jon Stewart
        had  had  extended telephone conversations with Charles Goldfarb
        about Carlton's and the ODA SIG's comments.   SGML  concern  was
        "resolved" by the ODA SIG's agreement to deal only with comments
        on the ODA (and ODL) use in the Application Portability Profile,
        and  leave the SGML comments to Charles Goldfarb and others from
        the SGML community.  During the meeting an update of the APP was
        received;  interestingly,  it  had been completely rewritten for
        SGML, had a much smaller section for  ODA,  and  still  had  the
        omission  of ODL in all references to ODA in that section.  Both
        sections were titled "DOCUMENT  INTERCHANGE"  as  had  been  the
        recommendation  of  the  ODA SIG.  The SIG endorsed dropping any
        reference to either ODIF or ODL encoding,  and  just  use  "ODA"
        throughout that section of the APP.  A comment will be forwarded
        to Fritz Schultz and Gary Fisher to that effect.

             Patrick  Stephens,  DEC,  provided  the  tutorial  on  "The
        Capabilities  of  the  ODA  Consortium  Toolkit"  --  soon to be
        released with a bargain price of $50  for  single  use,  runtime
        license on a PC; and something of the order of $5K for a source,
        porting license.  This very  low  pricing  was  enthusiastically
        welcomed   by  SIG  members  as  an  excellent  way  to  promote
        widespread use of ODA.  Products based  on  the  toolkit  should
        begin to show up during the latter half of 1993.


             Resolutions passed unanimously at the ODA SIG  plenary  and
        OIW plenary as follows:

         o  W+ -- Add text of part 27, Level 2 to Level 3 Migration  DAP
            as modified (Ed.  Patrick Stephens will provide)

         o  AE -- Modify the optional "application  comments"  attribute
            to  contain  two  fields.   This  is necessary to align with
            three other ISPs.

         o  EE -- Changes to stable agreements parts 22,23  to  the  ODA
            version   attribute  value  to  agree  with  ISO/IEC/  CCITT

                                                                Page 3

             Liaisons passed unanimously at  the  ODA  SIG  plenary  and
        agreed to by the OIW plenary:

         o  Information -- ODA SIG delegation to Pagoda 13,  3/30-4/2/93
            to  be:   Jim  Wing  (Head  of  Delegation), Frank Spielman,
            Patrick Stephens.

         o  Liaison/contribution to Pagoda 13  (ODA  SIG  93/0314  #W4),
            AOW,  EWOS, and CCITT outlining the OIW ODA SIG position and
            proposals on ISP enhancments, as follows:
             -  Guidelines for additional functionality
             -  Guidelines for new DAPs
             -  Longevity of existing DAPs

         o  Take to Pagoda 13 the OIW  contributions  related  to  image
            applications  proposed  ISPs  --  FOD112  changes,  ODA  SIG
            position on FOD126, urgency in publication of ISO 8613:1993.

         o  Send letter to DoD (CALS Office and DISA) and AIIM notifying
            them  of  revision  to  part  23  (ODA raster DAP) in stable

         o  Liaison to AOW, EWOS, CCITT submitting comments on the draft
            ISP  ISRs  for  level 2 ODA DAP submitted by EWOS.  Comments
            document to be attached is  Pagoda  13  contributin  #W1  as
            revised in the Text subgroup.

         o  Liaison to AOW  with  copy  to  EWOS  and  CCITT  supporting
            continued progress in ATCs.


        PAGODA #13    UK        March 30- April 2, 1993
        OIW ODA SIG   NIST      Jun 8-10 1993
                                                                Page 4


                         OIW ODA SIG REPORT

                          March 9-11, 1993

  10 attendees, plus 4 additional for the tutorial


       -    Discussed Application Portability Profile (APP) reference
            to ODA and SGML.
       -    Discussed need for new SIG for content architectures,
            recommendations will be available.
       -    Approved changes to Parts 22 and 23.
       -    Progressed Part 27 for migration DAP from FOD26 to FOD36.

  Technical Activities:

  * Image application subgroup:
       -    Approved a technical change to Part 23 (ODA Raster DAP)
            to modify the "application comments" attribute.
       -    Approved editorial change to the value for "ODA-version"
            in both Part 22 and Part 23.
       -    Prepared liaison statements to DoD and AIIM concerning
            changes to the ODA Raster DAP.
       -    Prepared PAGODA 13 contributions: 1) Revisions and
            additions to FOD112 pDISP; 2) OIW ODA SIG position on
            development of FOD126 pDISP; 3) urgency in publication of
            ISO 8613.

  * Text processing subgroup:
       -    Reviewed and provided comments to workshops on the
            proposed ISR proforma from EWOS
       -    Reviewed and revised level 2 to level 3 migration DAP.
            This DAP will be Part 27 of the working agreements to be
            used to help generate a migration ISR for FOD36.
       -    Prepared contributions for PAGODA 13: 1) comments on ISP
            Proforma proposal from EWOS; 2) general requirements for
            ISR Proforma; 3) Position on conformance testing; 4)
            position on ISP enhancements.

  * Interoperability subgroup:
       -    Reviewed testing methodology technical report.
       -    Reviewed fidelity criteria for evaluating I14Y quality.
       -    Reviewed project budget and new sponsorship proposal.
       -    Reviewed new product directions, possible future I14Y
            testing needs.
       -    Discussed change of technical consultants.

                                                                Page 5

  ATTACHMENT B: Minutes of the CATG Meeting -- 10 March 1993 4:30-5:30pm
  From: Jon A. Stewart, Acting Chair
  Attendees: ODA SIG Members
             Carlton Neville, Neville Associates
             Lynne Rosenthal, NIST

      This was the 3rd meeting of the CATG that I have chaired; many
      of the topics previously discussed were revisited, including:

      o   Required capabilities of a "wrapper" or interface from
          content to "the world" (applications, formatters, DAs, etc.)

      o   Critical requirements for preserving information
          content (objects) for long durations (e.g., 50 years
          for Boeing aircraft documentation)

      o   Independence and neutrality of content objects to various
          applications -- e.g., potential use of a a CGM content object
          in both an SGML documents and an ODA document

      o   Difficulty (some said impossible) of describing all
          the processing methods (such as content transforms,
          layout, imaging) required for particular content types

      o   Interaction of content types, e.g., character text
          content within a CGM content object

      o   Need for independent content profiles -- such as those
          being developed for CGM, in CALS and elsewhere

      Although this has been useful brainstorming it does seem that
      there is no great interest from the current members of the OIW
      (including ODA SIG members) in continuing this activity except
      in relationship to ODA's use of content described in separate
      standards (such as CGM). Jim Wing did express the view that
      CGM profile work should be under the OIW so that requirements
      for ODA usage (and other content "clients" such as an SGML/CALS
      application ) of CGM could be appropriately coordinated.

      Lynne Rosenthal reported that the work on CGM profile development
      and interoperability testing is proceeding satisfactorily with
      the ODA-coordinating process being driven by EWOS, and with US
      participation through NIST and the ANSI  X3H3 committe (and its
      representation in JTC1/SC24).  As new content types (such as audio,
      video, other character content than that described in ODA -- e.g.,
      Unicode) become more important then interest may grow and justify
      the formation of a new SIG that might be named Multimedia Content
      Objects or Information Interchange Objects. We will meet again at
      the next OIW and reconsider this TLC/CATG activity; perhaps it should
      be suspended until sufficient membership interest can be awakened.
                                                                Page 6

  ATTACHMENT C: Liaison Statements from Raster Subgroup

                                               OIW/ODA 93/0319

  To:     Mr. Bill Gorham
          CALS Integration and Evaluation Office

          Mr. Alan Peltzman

          Ms. Jean Baronas

          Mr. Jim Crawford
          CALS Industry Steering Group

  From:   Mr. Jon Stewart
          Acting Chair, OIW ODA SIG

  Date:   March 12, 1993

  RE:     Revisions to ODA Raster DAP, Stable Implementation

  At the March 1993 OIW meeting, the OIW/ODA SIG approved revisions
  to the ODA Raster DAP in NIST Special Publication 500-206, Stable
  Implementation Agreements for Open Systems Interconnection
  Protocols Version 6 Edition 1, December 1992.

  The "application comments" attribute now consist of two fields.
  The attachment describes the specific changes.  This action was
  necessary to align the DAP with the International Standards
  Profiles (FOD11, FOD26, FOD36).  The error was detected during
  verification of the ODA Raster DAP using the ODA Conformance
  Testing (ODA-CT) tool.

  In addition, the value of the "ODA version" attribute was changed
  according to actions approved by International standards bodies
  (see attachment).  This action is necessary to properly reference
  the joint CCITT/ISO publication of ODA which incorporates the tiled
  raster graphics and additional bit order mapping addenda.


  Jon Stewart
  Acting Chair, OIW ODA SIG
                                                                Page 7

  ATTACHMENT D: Acronyms/Abbreviations:
    OIW    - OSE Implementors Workshop
    OSE    - Open Systems Environment
    EWOS   - European Workshop on Open Systems
    AOW    - Asian-Oceanic Workshop (for OSI)
    ATC/S  - Abstract Test Case/Suite
    FU     - Functional Unit (testable feature of a DAP;
                                a k a Abstract Effect)
    ISR    - Implementation Support Requirement(s)
    NIST   - US National Institute for Standards and Technology
    AIIM   - American Institute for Image Management
    PAGODA - Profile Alignment Group for ODA
    ISP    - International Standard Profile -- Includes:
             Part 1) DAP;  Part 2) ISRs    Part 3) ATS for Part 2
    FOD11/Q111/PM-11/T.502 - Level 1 DAP
    FOD26/Q112/PM-26/T.505 - Level 2 DAP
    FOD36/Q113/PM-36/T.506 - Level 3 DAP
    FOD112 - Image DAP
    FOD126 - Raster DAP

  NOTE: Qxxx DAPs have been superceded by FODxx; the FODs have new
        format and new features (FUs) beyond their Qxxx predecessors.

ATTACHMENT E: E-mail and Telephone/FAX Contact Information for ODA SIG
                  Telephone (US or Canada Unless + Indicated)
Name              Work          FAX          E-mail Address
Affiliation; Address for Hard copy mailing
Attendees at Most Recent Meeting: 9-11 March 1993
Jon Stewart       603-881-1247  881-0120     stewart@ddif.enet.dec.com
   Quality One Softworks Corp., 24 Hillcrest Dr., Harvard MA 01451 
Jim Wing          817-962-4646  962-3480     jwwing@vnet.ibm.com
   IBM, Standards, Dallas 
Frank Spielman    301-975-3257  590-0932     spielman@nist.gov
   NIST, raster interest 
Pat Stephens      +353-91-51271 91-54444     stephens@galvia.enet.dec.com
   DEC, Galway, Ireland 
Annette Shuford   301-227-1618               shuford@oasys.dt.navy.mil
   Dept. of Navy, DTMB @ DNSWC 
Joanna Vanderwilt 206-939-1179               71207.2765@compuserve.com
   Adept Computing, 1910 19th Dr. NE, Auburn, WA 98002 
Alexis Cheng      416-448-3670  448-4414     alexis@vnet.ibm.com
   IBM, Internationalization, Toronto, Canada 
Imran Akhtar      206-936-4397  936-MSFAX    imrana@microsoft.com
Lynne Rosenthal   301-975-3353  590-0932     lsr@ecf.csl.nist.gov
   NIST, CGM interest 
Carlton Neville   703-620-5000
   Neville Associates 
Greg Varga        403-250-1770  250-1964     keyword!greg@uunet.UU.NET
                                                                Page 8

   Keyword Office Technology 
Recent-Past Attendees (* = more or less "officially" resigned)
Michelle Oh       703-883-7477  883-5491     m23371@mwunix.mitre.org
   Mitre M/S W956 7525 Colshire Dr. Mclean VA 22102  or mso@mitre.org
Harold Shinsato   415-813-7022               shinsato.osbu_north@xerox.com
   XEROX Parc 3400 Hillview Rd. PO Box 10034, Palo Alto,CA 94303 
Christian Kunz    510-748-6850               kunz@ilt.com
   Interlinear Technology 
Dan Wu            703-487-8409               dwu@dgis.dtic.dla.mil
   DoD DISA/Center for Standards 
Alan Peltzman     703-487-8409  487-8342     peltzmaa@cc.ims.disa.mil
   DoD DISA/Center for Standards 
*Paul Pedersen                               pedersen@mqou16.enet.dec.com
   3345 Boisclair, Brossard, Quebec, Canada J4Z-2C3 
*Rick Pond        416-448-3222  448-4414     pond@torolab2.vnet.ibm.com
   IBM Canada, replaced by Alexis Cheng 
OIE ODA SIG Liaisons, Chairs, Convenors, Administrators, etc.
Brenda Gray    NIST, OIW Administrator     gray@osi.ncsl.nist.gov
Steve Price    Convenor, JTC1/SC18/WG3     xu9sgp@sunc.shef.ac.uk
Ian Campbell-Grant                           I.Campbell-Grant.bra0118
               ICL, Chief Ed., ODA         @oasis.icl.co.uk
Nancy Pierce      703-205-2750               nkp@cos.com
    COS, 8260 Willow Oaks Corp. Dr.  FAX: Fairfax, VA  22031 
Gary E. Fisher    301-975-3275  590-0932     gfisher@nist.gov
    NIST, Ed. APP, Tech.Bldg. Room B266  Gaithersburg, MD 20899 
Charles Goldfarb   IBM, Ed. SGML           gml@almaden.vnet.ibm.com

  ODA SIG # Title                                  Dated     Doc. Ref./Source
  93/0301   Fax to Ian Campbell-Grant (DAP Issues) 02/23/93  Spielman
  93/0302   Fax from Ian Campbell-Grant(DAP Issues)02/26/93  EWOS/IC-Grant
  93/0303   Revision to ODA Raster DAP             02/25/93  Spielman
  93/0304   Appl. Comments in Raster DAP (message) 02/19/93  R. Carr
  93/0305   Version in DAPs (message)              03/05/93  Silbiger
  93/0306   Pagoda #13 Contributions                         ODA SIG/Raster
  93/0307   On the future development of DAPs                EWOS/EGODA 93/018
  93/0308   Proposed PT on SGML/ODA convergence    01/20/93  EWOS/EGODA 93/022
  93/0309   Regional Workshops on CGM Profiles     02/12/93  EOWS/EGODA 93/023
  93/0310   EWOS Tech. Workshop on CGM Profiles    03/15/93  U.Loughborough,UK
  93/0311   Draft of Level 2 to Level 3 Migration DAP        Stephens
  93/0312   New Market Requirements for ODA        01/20/93  EOWS/EGODA 93/024
  93/0313   Minutes of Pagoda #12                  10/23/92  Wing
  93/0314   Contrib. #W1 to #W4 to Pagoda 13       03/11/93  ODA SIG/Text
  93/0315   ATC Directory (disks to Joanna V.)               Wing
  93/0316   FOD 26 ISR -- Working Draft                      Ian Valentine
  93/0317   Status of ODA Interoperability Testing 03/01/93  Stewart
  93/0318   Raster DAP & ANSI/AIIM MS-53 (Layout)            Spielman
  93/0319   Liaison Statements from Raster SG      03/11/93  Raster SG
  •   Jim Wing (J W)