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     The following was inadvertently left off of the ODA SIG minutes
     submitted a few days ago.  Although this occurrence was unfortunate, I
     believe that it serves to draw more attention to the fact that a new
     activity has been initiated by Jon Stewart, consultant under contract
     with DEC, and Joanna Vanderwilt of Boeing.  Others are cordially
     invited to join in this effort.

                                           JW Wing, Chair, ODA SIG

                    ODA SIG Interoperability Subgroup
                       Minutes of June 9-11 Meeting
                        Submitted by Jon Stewart

     Attendees were:

        Jon Stewart, Acting Chair (DEC Contractor)
        Patrick Stephens, DEC
        Harold Shinsato, XEROX
        Paul Pedersen, ODA Consultant
        Joanna Vanderwilt, Boeing
        Greg Varga, Keyword

     Agreements / Actions:

        o ODA Interoperability is a project of OSINET (approved by OSINET
        o ODA Interoperability also affiliated with ODA SIG of OIW as a
        o Paul Pedersen is the technical project leader as a consultant to
        o Products to be tested include XEROX, DEC converters (Q112/FOD26
          gateway under X.400), Bull RTF to ODIF converter, MAC ODA (PICT
          to ODIF converter), and eventually ODA Consortium toolkit(??).
        o Main focus
          1) Define the meaning of "ODA interoperability".
          2) Produce a test suite available (free) from OSINET.
          3) Influence ODA testing methodology.
        o Jon Stewart was elected to chair the Interoperability Subgroup,
          aka, I14Y S6p.

     Next meeting:  Wednesday 6/23/92 Gaithersburg, MD (subgroup of the ODA

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