FOR ATTENTION MR SAVELA - RE: Internet Pilot? availability of ODA software? (PODA2?) Mon, 10 August 1992 16:26 UTC

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Subject: FOR ATTENTION MR SAVELA - RE: Internet Pilot? availability of ODA software? (PODA2?)

------------------------------ Start of body part 1

PODA-2 implemented an ODA tool kit.  This comprised a base level
component called ODASM (ODA Storage Manager).  This enables ODA
structures to be created and manipulated.  The next is ODIFSM
(ODIF Stream Manager).  This will take an ODA document encoded
in ODIF and converts it to a form suitable for use by ODASM.  It
also does the inverse, ie ODA to ODIF.  These two >>>>>>>>>>

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         components are supported by some diagnostics, DOCPRINT, DTREE and 
         ODIF PRINT.  These are a browser for ODA docs, printer of a tree 
         representation of logical and layout structures and symbolic 
         printer of ODIF respectively.  Next is ODAPS this takes and ODA 
         doc in ODASM format and converts the formatted form to PostScript.   
         Finally there's the Formatter.  This performs the ODA layout 
         process as specified by the standard taking into account the 
         generic layout, the specific logical and all the styles, ie the 
         whole works.  All these tools handle full 1989 ODA ie text, 
         geometric and raster graphics.
         All these components are availble with the exception of the 
         Formatter from ICL (ie me).  The Formatter is available from Bull.  
         The contact being Joseph N'Vekounou.
         The licence fees are subject to negotiation.  If you want to do 
         research it's much less expensive than if you want to use them to 
         make products.
         HOWEVER, a new set of ODA tools is being constructed by the ODA 
         Consortium (of which ICL is a member).  These tools, or more 
         strictly APIs and Tools, take into account the experience gained 
         from the PODA-2 set, are much better and will be available early 
         next year.
         For details and licence charges of the ODAC APIs and tools contact 
         Hope that helps

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