Agenda for the Columbus Meeting of the IETF ODA Working Group Sat, 27 March 1993 19:42 UTC

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Subject: Agenda for the Columbus Meeting of the IETF ODA Working Group
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          AGENDA OF THE 5TH ODA Working Group Meeting of the IETF
                    Columbus, Tuesday March 30, 9.30 am
1.  Minutes of July 1992 Meeting

2.  Actions Arising

3.  The Charter of the group

4.  Progress in ODA since July

5.  Progress on Piloting

6.  Proposed Schedules in view of hiatus in availabilitiy of Products

7.  The Future of the Group

8.  Any Other Business
Proposed changes to  CHARTER
  Peter Kirstein,
 Mailing Lists:
  General Discussion:
  To Subscribe:
Description of Working Group:
The ODA working group will  develop  guidelines  for  the  use  of the
Office Document  Architecture  for the exchange  of Compound documents
including formattable  text,  bit-map graphics and geometric  graphics
according  to  the ODA Standard.   It  will  consider  also  Intercept
Standards for other document content types it considers  vital -  e.g.
Spreadsheets.   The working group will define how to use both MIME and
X.400  for  interchange of  ODA documents.   It  will   maintain close
liaison with the SMTPEXT, pem and osix400 Working Groups.
This   working   group   will   review   the   availability   of   ODA
implementations,  in  order to  mount a Pilot Testbed  for processable
compound document interchange.   Finally,  it will set up and evaluate
such a testbed.
 Done      Inaugural meeting.
 Done      Produce paper stating current state of ODA Convertors
 July 1992 Provide first feedback on the ODA Pilot.
 July 1993 Introduce products based on FOD26 for the ODA Pilot.
 Ongoing   Coordinate ODA Pilots
 Ongoing   Review and propose additional enhancements of ODA.
A report of current progress will be circulated over the weekend.