Internet Pilot? availability of ODA software? (PODA2?)

Markku Savela <> Mon, 10 August 1992 14:37 UTC

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From: Markku Savela <>
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Subject: Internet Pilot? availability of ODA software? (PODA2?)
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 We are involved in a RACE project (R2008) EuroBridge concerning
 various aspects of multimedia, multipoint applications. Multimedia
 mail is important factor, and as a part of that it has fallen for me
 to solve the "ODA angle" of it. Thus I hope to get few questions
 answered by sending this message to this list.

 The plan calls for ODA/ODIF to be one of the supported interchange
 formats in mail. Obviously, we are planning to package this in
 standard way within X.400 bodyparts. But, also the plan calls for
 interfacing directly with SMTP using the MIME specification.

 I have my own software that can show reasonably well any ODA
 document, but has the following "simplifications":

 - the layout is not implemented, it lays out the content into a
   sequence of simple rectangular areas (pages). The generic layout
   structure within document is not consulted.

 - only character found in ISO 8859-1 will be correctly displayed
   (viewer uses X window).

 - CGM content is not displayed

 To fullfill the requirements, I must "fix" the above omissions. This
 can happen two ways

 1) I ditch my own code and acquire some existing implementation
    (Unix/X Window environment) of ODA.

    - anyone know on what conditions the PODA2 results would be usable
      and whom to contact?

    - any other possibilities?

 2) I implement the missing parts myself.

    - I am actually very interested in doing this, but would be glad
      to get CGM widget from some other source (I know about GPLOT
      from *, but they as far as I know, don't provide very
      easy way of wrapping it as a widget--I may yet have to look into
      that anyway). Anyone know of other CGM/X11 source code that I
      could negotiate use of?

 Whatever happens, I would be interested in testing the results on
 Internet and thus this message to this mailing list. This mailing
 list has be awfully quiet on actual developments on "Pilot", has any
 interchange already occurring or is it still at planning stage. I
 would like to see more status reports about the progress of ODA/MIME
 integration, who is doing what, if anything?

Markku Savela (, Technical Research Centre of Finland
Telecommunications Laboratory, Otakaari 7 B, SF-02150 ESPOO, Finland

ps. I would be interested in seeing RTF <-> ODIF converter in unix
    environment, or FrameMaker <-> ODIF.