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Timo Schulz wrote:
> Recently I stumbled over a problems with multiple subkeys. I know
> PGP doesn't let the user choose the key at all and GPG uses the
> newest key by default. What about a "primary subkey" subpacket
> which is placed on the self signature to force the implementation
> to use a special subkey. The format should be similar to the 
> "primary user id" packet.

where do you want to place it?
in subkey binding sig?
that would be odd..
because this means creating another binding sig (when making new subkey(s)),
and OpenPGP does not allow multiple binding sigs (unlike userid self sig),
and then keyserver problems, etc..

I think it may be better to put this in userid self sig
(this would allow different subkeys for different userids),
but then format can't be like "primary user id" ( subpacket,
it can be like Issuer ( or even better
like Revocation key ( subpacket

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