Re: RFC: DSA key lengths; Elgamal type 16 v. type 20 Mon, 26 August 2002 12:54 UTC

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Brian M. Carlson wrote:
> I'd like to nitpick for a second. Section 12.6 states, "Note that present
> DSA is limited to a maximum of 1024 bit keys, which are recommended for
> long-term use." Actually, it is DSS (the *standard*), not DSA (the
> *algorithm*) that is limited to 1024 bits. I'd like to suggest that we
> replace that sentence with, "DSA keys SHOULD NOT exceed a size of 1024
> bits." This way, we can maintain backwards compatibility and compliance
> with DSS, while providing adequate security for people who really want
> it. Might I point out that IEEE P1363 allows for DSA keys longer than
> 1024 bits, so there is precedent in the cryptographic community.

there is precedent before that:
PGP5.5.3 can use up to 2048 bit DSA keys, but can not generate them.
PGP5.5.3ckt can use and generate up to 2048 bit DSA keys.
PGP6.5.8ckt can only use 'em.

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