Re: How to handle photoID on keyserver? (Re: photo support?)

"Michael Young" <> Tue, 02 July 2002 05:11 UTC

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Subject: Re: How to handle photoID on keyserver? (Re: photo support?)
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Subject: Re: How to handle photoID on keyserver?  (Re: photo support?) 

PGP doesn't use images anywhere near this size.  David Shaw
suggested that GnuPG will accept any size image, but even so,
I doubt that many people will attach such a large image
to their key.  [I might suggest that GnuPG refuse large
images by default, perhaps overridden with its "-expert" flag.]

I'd also guess that a 3% usage rate is very high.  The vast
majority of the keys on the public servers don't have any
signatures (other than self-).

>   Someone who is not owner of that public key can put public key
>   with PhotoID into public keyserver.  And everyone can get someone's
>   public key with PhotoID.

Yes, anyone can post a key claiming any identity.  This is
really nothing new.

If you're worried about people attaching bogus identities to
established keys, your keyserver could reject those without
self-signatures.  (Most of the keyservers do no verification
at all right now, so this would be a significant change.)

And yes, you could reject photoID packets (and any associated
signatures) if you think size is a problem.  (Even if you
reject them, I would encourage you to leave them in your
sync stream to other keyservers, as they may have a more
permissive policy.)

> I mean if dump key size is 15GB, HDD size is required 60GB at least.

I'm curious as to why this would be.  I can understand some
blowup because of indexing structures, but since you aren't
indexing the photoID packets anyway, I wouldn't expect the
same factor you have now.

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