Re: Is there any published analysis of OpenPGP's MDC?

Adam Back <> Thu, 14 December 2006 17:37 UTC

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Other than backwards compatibility and smart card considerations, I
would either send two independent keys inside the key-exchange (if
there is space, should be at RSA 1024+ and standard padding), or derive
a pair from a master using KDF2 from p1363.

Are smart cards a concern with PGP implementations?

Is backwards compatibility a concern for this mode?  Aren't we talking
about a new mode... using CBC instead of CFB, and using a HMAC-SHA1
(or well so far SHA1) and using only AES.  I guess you're saying the
issue is there is no info in the v4 / v5 key to say "can read MDCs".

But are there sensible ways to put a tag that will be safely ignored,
but not deletable without screwing up the format?  Trying to
back-patch that onto the existing protocol in a way that old clients
will tolerate sounds like asking for security trouble in a kind of
"version rollback" attack of simply removing the MDC tag.


On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 04:31:57PM +1300, Peter Gutmann wrote:
> Where would you get the separate key from?  There's no easy way to get a
> separate MAC key from a PKC-encrypted conventional key.  Specifically, if
> you're using something like a smart card that only supports "unwrap RSA-
> encrypted key into 3DES object", you can't even get at the key.
> (I realise there are various kludges possible, but I'm not aware of any
> cryptographically sound way to do it.  You can't use one key for both
> encryption and MAC, deriving the MAC key from the encryption key compromises
> the MAC key if the encryption key is compromised, feeding both into a PRF
> means you lose backwards-compatibility with existing code that doesn't know
> the encryption key has to go through a PRF first, etc etc).
> Peter.