(ION) Intel Architecture VLAN Router

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Telford Tools, Inc. is making available a 
freeware/shareware edition of its VLAN Router 
for PCI bus Intel Architecture Personal Computers.  
The freeware/shareware edition supports up to 
eight 21140 base 10/100 Megabit/sec PCI ethernet 
interfaces.  It supports 2 fractional T1 interfaces 
that provide interconnection by the Serial LIne 
eTHERNET (SLITHERNET) protocol.  It supports 
IP and IPX routing among  up to 8 VLANs.  Path 
selection at the MAC layer is performed by P802.1d, 
DEC Spanning Tree or Simple LAN Switching.  The 
VLAN Router is managed by a forms/menu interface 
on the PC console or by the same forms/menu 
interface via a remote telnet connection.  The 
VLAN Router contains an SNMP agent as well 
as an outgoing telnet client.  The VLAN Router 
has the ability to ping other networked devices.   
More information can be found at 
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/volsinians/vlnrtrfw.zip">Telford Tools, Inc.
</A> .  
We interested in comments and suggestions with 
regard to direction to develop these packet

Joachim Martillo

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