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Daniel Brennan/US/3Com <> Wed, 03 July 1996 03:35 UTC

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->On PFC. I disagree with Dan's comment. It must be stated that this option is
->prenegotiated. If it were
->not, the transmitter would be required to transmit 2 byte protocol fields, 
->there could be no
->presumption that the receiver could tolerate the compression.

But why assume prenegotiation? Why send 1 byte protocol fields? Just send 
two bytes. If it's not negotiated then an implementation shouldn't send PFC.
I forgot why we agreed to do this anyway? (Vern, flame here ->). I do highly
recommend that an implemenation be ready to accept it though.

->The RFC currently forbids NAKing the ED option.

I didn't say to NAK the ED option. I would like to see it become a mandatory
option though (maybe as an implementation note recommending that it SHOULD be 

->There is no requirement that Multilink use dial up or switched connections. 
->The links may be permanent, or otherwise well known to each endpoint. 
->That is why RFC 1717 requires neither authentication or ED.
->Some members of the list felt strongly that authentication would perform the 
->ED function satisfactorily.
->(As the author of the Endpoint Discriminator text, it is reasonable to 
->conclude that I did not share that view.)

Me too Tom. Dial into your favorite ISP on a busy day (when are they not 
busy?). I can get auth'ed
on two different MAX's. Without ED, I would never know it.

Dan Brennan