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Guenter Kraft <> Fri, 14 February 1997 17:03 UTC

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From: Guenter Kraft <>
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FREE downlaod of CiscoView @ httP://

Contact:	Guenter Kraft - gkraft, +49 6196 479611 VM-49211

Effective:	15 February 1997 through 15 May 1997 (for EMEAAN)

To:  Direct Sales Force and Cisco Partners - EMEAAN

From:  Guenter Kraft

Subject: Promotion

Date:  February 15, 1997


Customers and Partners can download Cisco’s network management software CiscoView on the WEB - for Free.  There will be no support from Cisco and no upgrade program to other network management products. This program is available to Cisco’s sales force,  partners and customers in EMEAAN.

Program Objectives

· Establish a higher level awareness of Cisco’s end-to-end network management solution

· Help customers migrate to Cisco’s network management.

· Encourage customers to act quickly with an opportunity to receive immediately network management functions. 

Promotion Details

Start:	February 15, 1997

End:	May 15, 1997 (for EMEA)

Product Eligibility

CV-3.x-OVS	CiscoView 3.2.1 for Solaris/HP OpenView

CV-3.x-OVH	CiscoView 3.2.1 for HP-UX-HP OpenView

CV-3.x-SNM	CiscoView 3.2.1 for Solaris/SunNet Manager

CV-3.x-NV	CiscoView 3.2.1 for Netview for AIX

CV-3.x-WIN32	CiscoView 3.2.1 for WIN95 or WIN NT

Terms and Conditions

· Offer is effective through 15 May 1997.

· Offer applies to all EMEA partners and customers.

· Customers and partners must complete a survey form before they can download the software.

· Customer and partners getting no support for the download software from Cisco except  they purchased the common support contract.

· This offer is not combinable with other promotions.

· No special additional discount can be offered with this promotion or upcoming upgrade promotion.

· All Cisco programs or special offers are subject to change and are valid only during the specified period.

· Cisco Systems reserves the right to add, modify, change, improve, or discontinue any product on this listing without notice.

· Purchase orders for programs and promotions are NCNR (non-cancelable, non-returnable).

Download Details

· The software is available at URL :

Questions and Answers

Q.	What’s the rationalization for the download?

A.	The most importand feature of CiscoView is the incremental install of new devices. This feature makes the software so importand to Cisco and  our customers. CiscoView has the best integrated end-to-end management solution today. To show customers this benefit of a end-to-end manageability is the first and most importend target for Cisco today.

Q.	Is there a upgrade promotion to other management suites ?

A.	Not today.

Q.	Which products are covered with this promotion ?

A.  Only CiscoView for the various UNIX platform and Windows95/NT.

Q.	Can I use Cisco support for this product ?

A.   No, there will be no support for this software unless he has a SRV. However if a customer have already SRV for management software, then it will be covered there.




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