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From: Russ Taylor <>

Dear Friend,

You may not be aware that we produce a newsletter, called NetServe,
specifically aimed at covering issues in Network Management and Service
Management as applicable in the public telecommunications environment.  If
you are not interested in this topic, then the rest of this message will be
irrelevant to you, so you may as well junk it.  However, if you are
interested in the management of public carrier networks and services, read

NetServe is the only independant publication that focuses specifically on
Network and Service Management in the public telecommunications industry.
NetServe provides a mixture of news, articles, interviews and commentary on
all aspects of managing public communications networks.  It covers TMN,
switching, fixed and mobile networks, access, data, CATV, etc. from a 'how
do you manage this?' perspective.

If you have responsibility or a specialist interest in any of these areas
then NetServe is the essential publication for you.  Forget about searching
the other publications you have for the odd snippet on network or service
management, because NetServe covers the issues that matter in one cover.
You will not have to read though miles of adverts or other irrelevant
material to keep up to date with the industry in this area because NetServe
has it all.

So if you haven't yet requested a free copy and would like one, please
reply to this mail, complete the following details and we will send you one
with our compliments.  On the other hand, if for some strange reason you
don't want a copy, then maybe someone you know does, perhaps a collegue,
one of your customers or even your suppliers.  Well, send their details to
us instead and we will send them a free copy also.  So quick - reply to
this email now with the following details and get your free copy.

Name ______________________________
Job Title ___________________________
Company ___________________________
Address ____________________________
Phone ______________________________
Fax ________________________________
Internet ____________________________


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 \ ]/  x\88/x  \[ /     Inova Corporation Limited
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  /**    88    **\      Inova Publications (Editor - NetServe)
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