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Dear All,

You will have previously received a message from Russ Taylor at our site
with regard to our company's NetServe Publication.

                DO NOT REPLY TO THIS.

If you must contact Russ, please contact him by addressing your mail to:


In addition, would you please wait a day or two before respsonding as our
mail server has crashed several times under the load.

For those of you who are upset by Russ' action, he has been made aware of
the situation and apologises to you for the annoyance caused. For those of
you who insist on sending 'flame' mail, please refrain, as the necessary
action has been taken here and I will filter out any such mail because of
the load on our server.

Apologies for mailing to the lists like this, but it is the quickest way to
limit the overload on the Net.

Thanks, (PostMaster)