Re: Karl Fox's suggestion of rejecting MRRU

Karl Fox <> Thu, 15 February 1996 22:10 UTC

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Tom Coradetti writes:
> Reacting to a problem discovered during ED processing by involving
> the MRRU can't be a good way to resolve the problem.

I responded too quickly; of course you are right.

> I continue to recommend that ED should never be config-nak'd.

This *MUST* be true.  After all, the configuration option says who I
am.  Is someone else going to know that better than I?

> (1) If you don't have capacity to add a new bundle, then clearly the
> MUST in the original text can not be complied with. The text has to
> change for that reason.

True.  However, as has been pointed out, we won't even have all the
information until after Authentication Phase.  Please, let's allow LCP
and NCP negotiation to simply negotiate.  Policy decisions can easily
be done afterwards, in this case by sending a Terminate-Request.
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