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Andy Hooper <HOOPER@qucdn.queensu.ca> Fri, 16 April 1993 17:40 UTC

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From: Andy Hooper <HOOPER@qucdn.queensu.ca>
Subject: osi-ds 40 -- FTP archives
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This is good work, but seems a bit hung up on documents: "so many of the
files available from FTP servers are documents and research papers." While
this may be true of some archives, and might become the dominant use in some
future, I think much of the current use is for programs. For most of the
proposal this is not important, but the "archiveFileAvailByPaperFrom"
attribute has only limited application. How about something like
AvailOnOtherMediaFrom? (by all means choose a word better than "media" if
you can think of one :-))

Andy Hooper