Re: The LDAP 'list' debate

Russ Wright <> Tue, 25 May 1993 20:47 UTC

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From: Russ Wright <>
Subject: Re: The LDAP 'list' debate

>Another possible solution (and perhaps somebody who has read the spec
>closer than me can comment if it is possible) is for the LDAP server to
>have this "implementation" knowledge built in, and map the LDAP search
>onto list and reads for the relevant part of the DIT (you can work out
>which parts of the DIT are affected algorithmicaly).

If everyone becomes convinced that LDAP's lack of list realy is a problem,
I vote for this solution.  We should push for things that make it easier
for people to write X.500 clients.  I would much rather see extra effort
put into 
into the LDAP server than all the clients (of course I don't have to write
the LDAP server ;-) ).

Isn't the point of LDAP to make it easier to write X.500 clients?