Quipu 8.0: Including DSA password in crossRef.?

Jyri Tahtinen <tahtinen@hpy.fi> Tue, 19 September 1995 16:24 UTC

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Subject: Quipu 8.0: Including DSA password in crossRef.?
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I send this question to OSI-DS list because I think that there are lots 
of Quipu users around.

I use Quipu 8.0 DSA and want to make a cross-reference to another DSA.
I use the crossReference attribute in my EDB, but it contains only the DN 
of the DSA to contact and it's address. Is it possible to iclude the DSA's
password somehow in the DSP bind because this is needed? At the moment I 
only get Invalid credentials error.

Perhaps the feature is not available in Quipu 8.0?

By the way, does anyone have experiences of Nexor Messageware Directory 
Server DSA software which is X.500(93) compliant?

Best regards,

	Jyri Tahtinen
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