Wanted [again]: large organisations for 93 test

Vincent Berkhout <V.Berkhout@dante.org.uk> Mon, 27 November 1995 23:13 UTC

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Subject: Wanted [again]: large organisations for 93 test
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Dear Forum and others, 

This is a repeated request already sent to the <managers@nameflow.dante.net> 
and <directory-group@ukerna.ac.uk>uk>. Apologies for this, but I am still looking 
for at least one university, preferably UK based.  

We are trying to put a "large scale" X.500(93) test together for the beginning 
of 1996. We are looking for large organisations, such as universities who 
would like to participate in the test and have adequate knowledge of X.500 to 
assist in the definition/preparation of an X.500(93) test suite. 

Hang on ... there is some funding ($$) available to participate in a meeting 
define (or enhance?) such a 1993 test suite in close cooperation with 

If you are interested or you would like to get involved or know someone/an 
organisation who might be, please contact me to discuss further details. 

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