X.500 Questions

Jason Lindemann <jason.lindemann@pipe.nova.ca> Thu, 11 January 1996 21:11 UTC

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From: Jason Lindemann <jason.lindemann@pipe.nova.ca>
Subject: X.500 Questions

Dear Sir,

	I am a student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in
Canada, and I am conducting research on the possibilities of implementing an
X.500 directory service as a term project. I have completed a preliminary study,
but now have a few questions about the technology, I hope that you will be able
to answer some or all of my questions.

1. In a search, does the ability to display the DN (distinguished name),
rely on 
        the DUA (directory user agent), or the DSA (directory service agent)?

2. Is it possible for a bottom level entity to have an alias attribute to the
        parent of that entity?

3. Is it possible for a bottom level entity to have an alias attribute to not 
        another attribute, but to another complete branch?

4. Is updating done by the DIB (directory information base), or the DSA?

5. Any details about replication timing, that you can furnish?

	I realize that you are probably in a time crunch as I am, but instead of 
answering my questions (which are probably very basic), could you instead
possibly Email myself a list of your favourite X.500 sites.

Thank You Very Much,     Jason Lindemann
Jason Lindemann                    NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.
Jason.Lindemann@pipe.nova.ca       Calgary, Alberta, Canada
                                   (403) 290 - 6195