simple user access to X.500

Tom Tignor <> Wed, 01 April 1992 01:13 UTC

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Subject: simple user access to X.500
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1992 14:56:04 -0800
From: Tom Tignor <>


We are looking to see if anyone has developed a very specific
kind of DUA. (Actually we're not sure this is a DUA or something

It should be able to return useful information via a very
simple command set, something like the old whois. 

Functionality is not the crucial issue.  Making it lightweight is.

This should be a small C program that any user can compile and run on a
workstation without having to inport any large environment or library
(for example, it should not need ISODE), and it should easily fit on a 
user's workstation. 

The program should take a simple command, send the request in a simple
protocol over the network to a more capable program.  This intermediate
program should convert the request to be an input for a real DUA, 
such as dish, and get the response back.

User Workstation	Intermediate		    Servers

Simple			Simple	  		
Access	<---Simple--->	Access<==>DUA <---X.500---> DSA
Client	   Protocol	Server          Protocol

Has such a thing been built?  Portability is key, here. I
know a lot of lightweight DUAs have been built, but I don't know that
any of them are small enough to easily fit on a workstation.

- --jon &	Tom Tignor.