George Michaelson <G.Michaelson@cc.uq.oz.au> Sun, 05 July 1992 00:22 UTC

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Subject: DNS on CLNP RRs
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1992 09:40:27 +1000
From: George Michaelson <G.Michaelson@cc.uq.oz.au>
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Since this suggests that the DNS is being retargetted as an address-discovery
protocol, some issues to do with use of X.500 for OSI network addressing
have to be raised. 

My immediate reaction is that this is obviously beneficial, and will probably
perform better in practice than the DIT and allied s/w currently in the field

I hope however, that we are going to see some alignment which permits X.500
to be a "master data resource" and the DNS information for this function
being updated FROM X.500 

There are precedents for this, in the use of hesiod to distribute passwd info
where the DNS is clearly NOT the primary information store...