Participation of Universities and Non-Profit Organizations in OSINET Tue, 12 May 1992 19:48 UTC

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Subject: Participation of Universities and Non-Profit Organizations in OSINET
Date: Tue, 12 May 1992 13:27:09 -0400

   Participation of Universities and Non-Profit Organizations in OSINET

The OSINET organization is initiating a program to extend its membership 
and activities to univertities and non-profit organizations.

OSINET is a non-profit, international organization, established in 1984,
to foster the development, promotion, and deployment of Open Systems
Interconnection (OSI) through activities related to interoperation tests
and testing.  OSINET members include industry user companies, government
user agencies, and supplier companies [see enclosure 1]. OSINET maintains
a public register of OSI products which have successfully conducted
interoperability testing.  This register currently contains over 130 
entries for over 50 X.400 MHS and FTAM products from 16 vendors.

Participation in the activities of OSINET offers the potential for technical
and research-oriented benefits to universities.  OSINET provides students
with an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with the OSI protocols
they are studying in their courses on computer networking and communications.
It also provides a forum for high-quality exchange of technology and knowledge
with OSINET members.  OSINET provides students with an opportunity to gain
experience in abstract test creation and implementation using standard
notations such as TTCN and ASN.1.  It also offers them an opportunity to
contribute to and gain from a large, open user community for OSI, as well as
to contribute to and advance OSI technology.

For non-profit organizations, participation in OSINET can provide
valuable knowledge and experience with OSI products and interoperability
testing which is an important part of the OSI procurement and
deployment process.  This experience can provide many benefits to both the 
organization and its sponsors.

If you would like to learn more about this new program, please take 
a few moments to complete the attached survey [see enclosure 2]. The
survey is designed to generate feedback from universities and non-profits
to OSINET on how this new program should be structured to provide
beneficial participation in the activities of the organization.

                                        Yours truly,

                                        Marilyn S. Real
                                        Director, OSI Specialty Group
                                        The MITRE Corporation
                                        202 Burlington Road
                                        Bedford, MA 01730-1420
                                        MS: K331
                                        Phone: 617-271-8658
                                        Fax: 617-271-2423


                              Enclosure 1

                              OSINET Membership
                                 April 1992

Boeing Computer Services
Bull HN Information Systems
Control Data Corporation
Corporation for Open Systems
Cray Research
Data General
Digital Equipment Corporation
GE Aircraft Engines
Grumman Data Systems
GTE/Government Systems
Martin Marietta Energy Systems
The MITRE Corportation
National Communications Systems
Northern Telecom
Wang Labs
The Wollongong Group


                              Enclosure 2


I.  Curriculum

1.  What is your current open systems curriculum, especially in the areas of
Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and Integrated Services Digital Networks

2.  Approximately how many students are involved in these courses?

II.  Laboratory Facilities

1.  At a high-level, describe the school's laboratory facilities for OSI/ISDN
networking research.

- LAN/WAN/MAN technology
- Fiber-optic technology
- Systems and vendors
- Other

2.  Have you begun planning for the integration of OSI and ISDN into your

3.  Do you have an X.25 public network connection?  If so, which service?

III.  Current Open Systems Research Projects

1.  Are you participating in any external OSI test projects, such as the PSI
X.500 Directory project, XNREN X.400 project, or IETF ODA projects?

2.  Are you conducting any internal research projects in open systems?

IV.  OSINET Participation

1.  What are the criteria under which you would consider participation in

2.  What benefits of participation would be of primary importance to you?

3.  In what areas would you be interested in working? (Check all that apply)

_____ Evaluating and providing feedback on OSINET interoperability test suites
_____ Defining new OSINET interoperability test cases and/or suites
_____ Conducting third-party OSINET pairwise interoperability testing
_____ Developing standard notation for interoperability testing
_____ Participation in OSINET demonstrations

_____ Participating in current test projects:
      _____ 1984 X.400
      _____ X.500
      _____ FTAM

_____ Participating in future test projects:
      _____ 1988 X.400
      _____ Network Management
      _____ Virtual Terminal
      _____ Dynamic IS-IS routing
      _____ Open Document Architecture
      _____ Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for OSI services/protocols
      _____ Transaction Processing

_____ Initiating new projects 

Describe areas of interest

_____ Writing technical research papers on performance, QOS, interoperability,

Describe areas of interest

V.   Follow-Up Information

Please note areas in which you would like to receive additional information.

VI.  References

	Do you know of other universities that are conducting open systems

Name of Organization: ____________________________

Survey Completed By:  ____________________________

Position:             ____________________________

Contact Information:  ____________________________