X.500 Forms Up Again

Christopher Walon Apple <capple@arch4.ho.att.com> Tue, 07 November 1995 01:14 UTC

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Subject: X.500 Forms Up Again

The X.500 Catalog Forms are operational again. Please submit your
implementation descriptions as soon as possible.

The URL is http://ds0.internic.net/projects/x500catalog/catalogtop.html

Instructions are included in the forms; send e-mail if you have questions.

If you encounter excessive errors accessing the forms, please send
e-mail. InterNIC was experiencing a few problems last week.

To date, I have received contact information from 9 organizations and am
told that Ken Rossen was successful in obtaining contact information for
8 other organizations. Please provide contact information if you have
not done so already via either Ken or myself.

To date, I have received implementation description information from
one organization: MARBEN (product: OSIAM X.500). At this point, it is
obvious that we are not going to publish an I-D in time for the December
IETF meeting. I'd like to be able to distribute one by late January or
early February, 1996. In order to do this, I really need to have
all descriptions which will be included in the updated catalog by
late December, 1995 or early January, 1996.

Chris Apple
AT&T Bell Laboratories
(908) 949-5937