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There are currently several RFCs at the RFC-editors desk that deal with
Directory Services in one way or another, and that all refer to one another.
The LDAP ones are amongst them. I cannot put pressure on Jon to go ahead an
publish the stuff, if we don't resolve the LDAP debate.

So let me propose a resolution. If no one objects, then I will follow this.
If someone has problems with this I want to know that. I don't need the
technical arguments, just: I don't agree, and an alternate solution.

Here's my proposal:

- We leave READ and LIST out, and require intelligent LDAP servers.
- OSI-DS will work on a DAP implementation document to point out what is
  required from 2nd/3rd generation DUAs (cf proposal from PAP).

If this is acceptable then I need some input:
- Tim Howes and Wengyik will have to confirm that all other questions from
  Jon have been dealt with (e.g. the JPEG reference?)

So actions:

If you don't agree, send me mail
If you agree, shut up

Tim and Wengyik send me evaluation of Jon Postels questions.