Re: Whois++ and X.500

Chris Weider <> Wed, 27 September 1995 21:24 UTC

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Subject: Re: Whois++ and X.500

I know Paul-Andre is trying to devote his attention to things that are paying 
better :^) but I did want to pick up a few of his points. 
There is room for more than WHOIS++ with this index technology.
We're beginning to see that this can be used as the basis of a more general
query routing protocol. And I'm sure we'll be snagging some of the good 
bits of SOLO as we attempt to integrate technologies. :^)

And I think that we are slowly evolving an Internet directory service.
But it's going to be multi-protocol, at least for a while, and there are
still plenty of knotty issues to work out. So I heartily endorse
Paul-Andre's 4 points and we're getting there.