Re: Yet another X.400 vs SMTP question

"Eric D. Williams" <> Wed, 02 June 1993 18:27 UTC

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>Date: 02 Jun 93 08:13:42+0200
>Subject: Re: Yet another X.400 vs SMTP question
>Please could you move this debate to an appropriate list
>not the one dealing with X.500.
>-- PAP

I believe the original intent of introducing this question to the OSI-DS list
was to garner responses, representative of the relationship of messaging to
directory services.  This being the case, it may be more constructive to focus
on the implications of X.400(88-??) standards as they relate to X.500(88-??)
standards; as well as X.500 integration and coexistence with legacy systems ie.
RFC822/SMTP Mail, PROFS, et. al.

I think the current flavor of the debate has digressed somewhat.  However,
implemetation considerations for Messaging systems, the cycle time of
technology, the complexity of implementation, and effective technology
integration all require concensus among the affected parties.  Thus my
recommendation, spread the debate to other affected technology discussion
groups.  Or resolve some key technology issues (read this as Directory Services
on which all future communications technology will depend) and then move on.



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