Re: Draft minutes of the San Diego Meeting

Tim Howes <> Wed, 08 April 1992 14:52 UTC

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Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1992 10:13:56 -0400
From: Tim Howes <>

> The following are the status reports of operational pilots:
> MERIT - Working on making information resources (e.g., k-12, NIC )
> avail on X.500; schema documents on these are available.  They are 
> looking at storing data as pointers to original information.  The 
> University of Michigan is looking into developing a Macintosh DSA 

It is a DUA called maX.500, and it's being developed by Mark Smith.  It
isn't related to FOX in terms of funding or anything.  The connection
with FOX is that Merit, a FOX member, likes it and has been helping to
promote it.

> Counting the DIT - Current work is DSA-specific and is very 
> implementation specific.  A suggested new approach is to add new 
> attributes (integers all) that count appropriate things at each level.
> Counts can be done manually or automatically.  The question arose: 
> do we count the # of registered or listed entries?  The sense of the 
> meeting was to progress with the experiment; there was a tentative 
> volunteer to look at the implementation issues.  <<<DIDN'T GET THE 

I think that was me, and I volunteered to write some quipu syntax
handlers for the counting attributes.  I did not volunteer to change
quipu to make use of this stuff, but I'd be willing to at least look
into that.

> Schema Publishing - An alternative to the preceding approach is 
> "don't write RFCs".  Instead, just write a new schema into the DIT.
> Tim Howes and Mark <<<???>>> volunteered to write this up for public 
> consumption.  Code to do this is also needed.  There followed a 
> discussion of machine generated schema descriptions, e.g., by 
> automatically culling appropriately prepared documents from the 
> new RFC1274 structure.  Stay tuned.

Mark Smith is the other volunteer.

> Administrative limits - In a note sent out in January, the idea of 
> size and time limits on searches was proposed.  Also, it would be nice 
> to have a value to limit the number of DSAs to which to refer during 
> a search.  This is thought to be related to issues of QOS.  A document 
> discussing these values was proposed for the next meeting.  Note that 
> this puts information about Directory use in the Directory.  Doing this 
> may require the use of security above that currently available.  
> Should these be represented in MIBs?  Steve Hardcastle-Kille 
> discussed the use of SNMP as a tool for the management of 
> directories.

Did somebody volunteer to write this document?  Is it going to be part
of the QOS document?  Part of the search acl document?  I have no
memory of this discussion...

Also, it would be nice to see a summary of action items/responsibilities
for next meeting at the end.                                  -- Tim