DRAFT Agenda for Boston Meeting

Steve Hardcastle-Kille <S.Kille@isode.com> Sat, 04 July 1992 16:03 UTC

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From: Steve Hardcastle-Kille <S.Kille@isode.com>

Here is the draft Agenda.   There are lots of bits in the morning.  In the
afternoon, we will do LDAP and DSA Naming.   Let me know if there are
other things needed on the Agenda.   


                     Agenda for eigth meeting of
                    IETF Directory Services Group

                              Version 0

                        S.E. Hardcastle-Kille

                             July 4, 1992

    Monday 13th July 1992



        Hyatt Regency Cambridge
        Overlooking Boston
        575 Memorial Drive
        Cambridge, MA 02139
        Phone:  (617) 492-1234
        fax:  (617) 491-6906

Draft agenda follows.

9:30 Introduction

     o  Agenda

     o  Minutes of San Diego meeting (OSI-DS-MINUTES 7)

     o  Matters arising

9:40 Liaisons


     o  RARE WG3 (Erik Huizer)

     o  ISO/CCITT

     o  OIW (Russ Wright)

     o  NADF (Marshall Rose)

     o  DISI (Chris Weider)

     o  AARN (Steve Hardcastle-Kille)

9:55 Operational status of pilots

     o  FOX (Tom Tignor)

     o  PSI WPP (Wengyik Yeong)

     o  Paradise (Paul Barker)

10:10 Progression of documents to RFC/Standard

10:20 Progress on Strategy Document (Erik Huizer)

10:30 Progress on representing management information in the
    (Mark Knopper et al) *** NEW VERSIONS COMING SOON ***

10:40 The QOS Experiment (OSI-DS 15) Russ Wright, Tim Howes

10:50 Report on JPEG Progress (Russ Wright)

11:00 Report on Character Set Pilot (OSI-DS 32) Geir Pederson

11:15 DSA and DUA Metrics (OSI-DS 33, OSI-DS 34)

11:50 Date of Next Meeting

11:55 AOB

12:00 Lunch

13:30 LDAP (OSI-DS 26, OSI-DS 27)


14:45 DSA Naming.  (OSI-DS 13)

15:30 Close